Call of Duty: Zombies Outbreak Doesn't Have a Sure-Fire Way to Get Wonder Weapons

The long-awaited Outbreak mode has been live on Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War for a few days now, and players are spending quite a bit of time in the "open-world" Zombies adventure. The massive maps and objective-based gameplay makes for a totally different zombie experience, one that is easy to sink hours into. Obviously, the deeper you go in Outbreak, the more difficult the game becomes, and most players have come to lean on weapons like the Ray Gun to survive in higher rounds. Unfortunately, there isn't a sure-fire way to get your hands on any of the Wonder Weapons available in the game mode. At least not yet.

Some of the different Zombies maps have tricks to ensuring you get one of the popular Wonder Weapons, or side missions you can complete in order to build one. Outbreak isn't like those other maps, though. There aren't Easter egg missions or secret quests in the sprawling adventure at this point, but they'll be added soon. For now, there are four different ways to get the Wonder Weapons, and they all require a bit of luck.

The Pack-a-Punch machine is your best friend in Outbreak, as it represents the only guaranteed way to get high-tech slaying machines. Of course, there is no substitute for the Ray Gun or Rai K-84. The most common method to get your hands on these weapons is through the Mystery Box. Zombies players have lived and died by the Mystery Box over the years, and it remains the best way to get a better gun. But it's also random chance, and you'll likely end up with a pile of disappointing weapons as you spend more money on the box.

Like other Zombies maps, there is one Mystery Box in every map on Outbreak. If the box closes up, it'll move to another location. Folks like the box because it's the simplest way to try and find Wonder Weapons. You just have to track down one location at a time and it's already in your mini-map.

If you don't feel like spending the money on the Mystery Box, there are three other ways to try and get a Wonder Weapon in Outbreak. The next easiest method simply involves locating the various Loot Chests in each map. The gold chests contain the best items, and those are always accompanied by an incredibly dangerous group of zombies. Wonder Weapons fan be found in these chests but there's still no guarantee you'll get one, and it could prove a bit too time-consuming to track down every chest on every map.

Trials are another straightforward way to get Wonder Weapons at any point during Outbreak. If you find the trial machine on the map, boot it up and read the prompt you're given. The trials can consist of things like "kill zombies with a vehicle" or "hang in your parachute as long as possible." You'll have a timer on your dashboard showing you how long is left in the trial. The better you perform, the bigger your reward. The best rewards for these trials include Wonder Weapons, so don't hesitate to give them a try.


Finally, the final way to try and attain Wonder Weapons in Outbreak is to defeat Megaton Zombies. These monstrous zombies are tough to take down, and they don't even show up in the game until the fourth round. They do, however, drop some great loot when you take them out. So there's a chance a Wonder Weapon could be hiding with one of them.

More will be added to Outbreak over time, including potential Easter egg stories. When those finally arrive, they could bring more concrete methods for Wonder Weapons with them.