Brandon Sanderson's The Stormlight Archive Board Game Available for Pre-Order

A new board game based on Brandon Sanderson's popular fantasy series The Stormlight Archive is now available to pre-order. Brotherwise Games has opened up pre-orders for Call to Adventure: The Stormlight Archive, a new standalone expansion to its Call to Adventure board game. The new expansion is set on the world of Roshar and features over 120 new pieces of artwork based on Brandon Sanderson's ambitious fantasy epic series. This is the second expansion to Call to Adventure, following a smaller expansion based on Patrick Rothfuss's The Name of the Wind.

Sanderson is one of the biggest names in modern fantasy, with his Stormlight Archive series at the heart of the Cosmere, a shared universe where all of Sanderson's books are set. The Stormlight Archive is set on the world of Roshar, a world ravaged by constant storms that is haunted by the collapse of the Knights Radiant long ago. As the nation of Alethkar wages an endless war against the strange Parshendi that killed their king, several disparate characters each discover new powers emerging just in time to stop the rise of Odium, a monstrous god responsible for the death of several other gods throughout Sanderson's other books.

Like previous installments of Call to Adventure, The Stormlight Archive challenges players to create the best fantasy story. Each player starts with an Origin, a Motivation, and a Destiny, which determines their goals over the course of three rounds. Players overcome challenges and add allies by casting runes on their turn, scoring points for each card they add to their tableau. Players can either compete against each other in a multiplayer mode or face off against Odium in either a solo or co-op mode.

Fans of The Stormlight Archive can either purchase the standard edition of the game when it comes out in July 2020 or pre-order the Deluxe Version now. In addition to two exclusive cards, the Deluxe version also contains a 48-page artwork compiling the fantastic art featured in the game.

Call to Adventure is a fantastic board game in its own right, and its crossover with The Stormlight Archive is a must-have if you're a fan of that series. You can pre-order the deluxe version today at Brotherwise Games' website.