'Capcom Beat Em Up Bundle' Adds New Features With Free Update

Ever since its surprise release just a few weeks ago, Capcom Beat Em Up Bundle has been leaving [...]

Ever since its surprise release just a few weeks ago, Capcom Beat Em Up Bundle has been leaving old-school arcade fans pleased, while introducing new gamers to the likes of Final Fight, King of Dragons and Knights of the Round, along with other games that pleased us gamers so long ago. And now, the package is about to get even better.

Capcom has introduced a new, free update to the game that adds a number of promised features to make the Bundle feel more worthwhile. It'll prompt automatically the next time you upload the game, and has the following additions in store:

  • New Screen Filters – Transport yourself back to the arcades with new scanline/arcade filter options.
  • New Screen Size – In addition to the full screen size, there is now the option to display the screen in its original size to fit more types of screens.
  • ON/OFF Toggle for Mid-session Joining – When creating a lobby, there is now an option to turn off the ability for other players to join your in-game session.

These will no doubt be big hits with fans, especially the ability to change the screen filter. We can definitely think of a few players that want nothing more than that classic CRT monitor look.

The mid-session joining feature should also be cool for those of you that want to check out games without fully committing to a round, or just joining up with friends in case they need help with a particular boss.

We reviewed Capcom Beat Em Up Bundle upon its release; and although it's missing favorites (like the Alien vs. Predator arcade game we love so much), it's still a worthwhile package for $20. I noted, "Capcom Beat-Em-Up Bundle is a worthy purchase thanks to its game selection, entertaining gameplay and multiplayer options. Again, it's got some work that could be done with it, but there's more than enough here that works; and there's potential in the future to offer even more titles."

For now, Capcom is content with this collection; and it's sure to be a hit over the holiday season, especially with special physical editions releasing in Japan. Looks like we need more room in our collection.

Capcom Beat Em Up Bundle is available now for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.