Capcom Interested in Making DmC: Devil May Cry 2

For those not following the franchise closely, Devil May Cry can be a bit confusing. The confusion [...]

For those not following the franchise closely, Devil May Cry can be a bit confusing. The confusion may have all been made possible by the launch of DmC: Devil May Cry back in 2013. The title was still focused on Dante as it is a reboot of the series, but it was set in an alternate reality. The Ninja Theory-developed title was received fairly well, but it was not without controversy. That said, Capcom has expressed that they would like to see DmC: Devil May Cry 2 made, but it would only be if Ninja Theory could come back to develop it.

As some of you may know, Ninja Theory has changed a bit since the arrival of DmC. Their critically-acclaimed Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice earned them recognition across the industry, which resulted in Microsoft purchasing the studio. Since they are now under that umbrella, it might be a bit difficult for them to create a game for someone else. However, the folks at Capcom would love to see it happen.

During a recent interview with feed4gamers, Capcom producer Matt Walker said, "On the dev side we certainly wanted to and thought we would work with Ninja Theory again to create a sequel to DmC, but that unfortunately didn't get off the ground."

He went on to say, "We'd still love to see a sequel, but we think it absolutely has to be made by Ninja Theory – so much of the amazing style and substance in that game was only possible because they have such a knack for what's cool. It wouldn't be DmC without Ninja Theory."

It would be interesting to see if Microsoft would be willing to play ball with Capcom and the future of DmC. Unfortunately, it would probably come at the risk of the next installment being exclusive to Xbox and PC, which would certainly not be the most ideal situation.

What do you think about all of this? Would you love to see another DmC: Devil May Cry entry? If it does end up happening, do you think it would be exclusive? Sound off in the comment section below, or feel free to hit me up over on Twitter @anarkE7!

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