Capcom Invites Resident Evil Fans to Test New Game

Capcom is looking for Resident Evil fans to offer their take on a new game that's currently in development, according to an email which was sent out to a certain group within the Resident Evil community. A specific group of fans called Resident Evil Ambassadors reportedly received email invites from Capcom that asked them to be testers for an in-development game. The only catches are that those invitations appear to be restricted to only Japan at this point, and we don't yet know what this game will be.

Resident Evil fansite Biohaze shared news of the Resident Evil recruitment with an image of the email. A translation of the email appears to indicated that Capcom has thanked Resident Evil Ambassadors for their continued support of the series and is asking them to participate in a test for a new game.

"To all Resident Evil Ambassadors, thank you for your patronage regarding the Resident Evil series," Biohaze's translation of the email read. "Today, we are letting you know that we are recruiting testers for a game that's in development! We are interested in incorporating the feedback of all Ambassadors into our development, so please read the details below and, if you are interested in participating, click the Entry button."

It's not surprising to hear that a new Resident Evil game is being worked on considering how successful the series has been with its recent installments, but the fact that the game is at a point where ambassadors are being invited to test it should be exciting news for fans. There's still the question of what this game might be though, and there are several possibilities to ponder in that department. It could be that this new game is the next title in Resident Evil's mainline numbered games, the last of those being Resident Evil 7: Biohazard which saw its life elongated thanks to DLC and virtual reality support.

It could also be that a remake of an older Resident Evil game is in the works, something that would be equally unsurprising based on how well Resident Evil 2's remake was received. Perhaps some games are being ported to the Nintendo Switch instead which wouldn't be quite as exciting for everyone but would be meaningful for Switch owners.

Since the mystery game went unnamed in the message, it's unlikely that we'll hear a confirmation about what game it is in the near future, though there's always the possibility that Capcom will reveal it around the time that testing is conducted. We've reached out to Capcom for comment and will update the article accordingly if a response is received.