Capcom Almost Teamed Up With Platinum Games For New 'Okami' and 'Viewtiful Joe' Games

The publishers at Capcom have been showing more ambition lately with its classic library, with such stuff as Resident Evil 2 Remake, Beat-Em-Up Collection and Onimusha Warlords in the pipeline. However, at one point, it was considering throwing some new Okami and Viewtiful Joe projects into the fray -- with Platinum Games as developer.

The info comes from Liam Robertson, who filed a report over at DidYouKnowGaming over on YouTube. According to him, Capcom was in close talks with the development studio, hoping to work with them again on the two franchises.

In case you need a history lesson, before they broke off to do things as Platinum, the team worked as Clover Studio, handling the original development for Okami and the Viewtiful Joe games. But things got a bit harsh and it ended up breaking away, creating its own team and working with Sega on such projects as Bayonetta and Vanquish.

But in late 2015, reps from both companies reportedly met, with founder and former Platinum president Tatsumi Minami and others talking with Capcom to possibly revive a number of its IPs, including ones that the team formerly worked on.

While discussions went well at first, Capcom reported some issues, particularly with management within Platinum, as well as the development costs of the new games. (This came at a time when Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite was in development, which reportedly had development cost issues of its own.)

In early 2016, the team had settled on Okami and Viewtiful Joe, noting that bringing them back would revive goodwill with fans, and show that the companies had "buried the hatchet," so to speak.

Unfortunately, Minami departed Platinum Games soon thereafter, and discussions eventually broke down to nothing. But Capcom reportedly still has good relations with Platinum, and may revisit discussions in the future -- especially with older franchises getting a lot of attention from the company. After all, Okami HD recently came out for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, becoming a fan favorite in the process.


It's a shame nothing came of the discussions, but hopefully Capcom will see the worth of Platinum Games' work and team up with them again. What we wouldn't give to see Viewtiful Joe make the rounds again.

You can watch Robertson's full report on the matter above.