Chorus Release Date Announced, New Trailer Revealed

Chorus, the new space combat game from Deep Silver, now has a release date. The game is just a few months away now with a release date set for December 3rd after being revealed just a few months ago, and to get players ready for that release, a new trailer was shared on Thursday alongside the release date announcement. Chorus is currently scheduled for releases on the Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Google Stadia and PC via Epic Games Store, Steam and Amazon Luna.

If you haven't yet seen what developers Fishlabs and Dambuster Studios have been working on in Chorus, you can check out the latest trailer below. The aptly named 101 Trailer tells you pretty much everything you need to know about Chorus.

You'll play as a character named Nara in the game, a pilot who used to be part of a cult known as "The Circle." After leaving the cult, Nara's now a fugitive who has to take on the organization that she was once a part of. Assisting her in this fight is a sentient ship known as "Forsaken."

"Take control of Nara, once the Circle's deadliest warrior, now their most wanted fugitive, on a quest to destroy the dark cult that created her," a preview of the game said. "Unlock devastating weapons and mind-bending abilities in a true evolution of the space-combat shooter. Along with Forsaken, her sentient starfighter, explore ancient temples, engage in exhilarating zero-g combat, and venture beyond our waking reality."

That sets up the game's story, but as far as the actual gameplay goes, it's evident there's more to Chorus than simply flying around in a ship and shooting asteroids and enemies. You'll be able to explore different star systems at your leisure and can delve inside ancient temples to attain new powers and abilities that'll help you in your anti-Circle mission. Ship customizations are also possible to give Forsaken different armaments and protections against incoming fire. A brief look at a missions menu shown in the trailer above included a list of several story and side missions for players to tackle so that they're not barreling through one story moment after another.


Chorus is currently scheduled to release on December 3rd. Expect to see more previews like this one in the coming months as we get closer to the game's release.