Chrono Trigger’s Steam Update Is Now Live, Brings Back Classic Graphics and More

When Chrono Trigger came out for Steam a few weeks ago – to everyone’s surprise, no doubt – [...]

Chrono Trigger

When Chrono Trigger came out for Steam a few weeks ago – to everyone's surprise, no doubt – fans rejoiced. But soon, they discovered one very big flaw with the game. It didn't feature the original game's graphics, but rather visuals ported from the mobile version.

That led to some major disappointment, which Square Enix was very aware of. As a result, the publisher promised to make it right with a future update for the game, and we're happy to report that it's finally arrived.

Square detailed the update in a new Steam community post, and players that bought the game can download it now free of charge. In addition, the publisher also said it will provide future updates, to keep the game running better than ever. This includes UI improvements and more.

"We have been working on addressing the issues that you've raised, and will be releasing a number of patches over the coming months as we continue to support Chrono Trigger on Steam. We're aiming to release the first of these patches in the first half of April, and the biggest change is that it will include an option to switch between the current high-resolution graphics, and the original graphical style of Chrono Trigger.

"We'll post a full list of changes here when the first patch is released. For now, be assured that we're working very hard on adjusting, updating and supporting Chrono Trigger on Steam.

"As Chrono Trigger is going to receive patches over the coming months, we are going to extend the availability of the Limited Edition until: 5PM, April 30th BST / 9AM, April 30th PDT."

Here's exactly what the update provides:

  • Original' Graphics Setting: A new option will allow players to choose between the current high-resolution character sprites and background graphics, or an 'Original' mode which has a display style closer to that of the original CHRONO TRIGGER.
  • Updated Font and Dialogue Boxes: Fonts and dialogue window graphics are updated to give the game a more classic look and feel.
  • Adjusted Start-Up Sequence: The order of the animated opening sequences when starting a new game is reworked to be more in line with previous versions of the game.
  • Additional enhancements and fixes to the text and graphics within the game to enhance the PC play experience.

Chrono Trigger is available now for Steam/PC, and you can also play it on PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and, of course, the classic Super Nintendo console.