New Contra: Rogue Corps Motion Comic Rallies for an End to the Alien War

The war against the aliens is still raging in Contra: Rogue Corps, but the new team of battle-hardened heroes introduced in the new Contra game is looking to change that. Konami released the second installation in its Contra: Rogue Corps motion comic series on Wednesday and shared it first with This latest chapter in the ongoing series gives us a better look at the members of the Rogue Corps who now take on the responsibility of taking the fight to the aliens as they rally together to fend off their alien adversaries.

Episode 2 in the motion comic series gives us a better look at the members of the Rogue Corps that were introduced previously in the series’ first chapter. The Rogue Corps are comprised of Kaiser, Ms. Harakiri, Hungry Beast, and Gentlemen with Kaiser serving as the leader who we hear narrating the events of the video above. The United Earth Government would have the people of the world believe that the alien menace is no longer a threat with public service announcements like the one at the start of the second motion comic saying that the war is nearly over.

"With the last remnants of the alien menace nearly eradicated thanks to the hard work of the Earth Government Forces and wonderful citizens like you, the situation is completely under control,” the opening service announcement said before rallying everyone together to say that the battle will be won.

But Kaiser has a different kind of call to action in mind – the leader of the Rogue Corps says the battle is still ongoing, and it’s up to the unlikely team of combatants to finish the job.

“The government says everything is under control and we won the Alien Wars,” Konami’s preview for this second chapter said. “But we Rogue Corps know the truth: there are more nasty things crawling around this f’d up world than ever. The fight isn’t over, not by a longshot!”


The creative team behind this second installation of the Contra: Rogue Corps motion comic series includes Emilio Lopez, Christian DiBari, Roger Robinson, Tony Washington, Sebastian von Buchwald, and Will Rosado. You can expect more issues in the motion comic series to follow this one, and you can find them through Konami’s official YouTube channel as they’re released.

Contra: Rogue Corps is now available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC platforms.