Controversial 'Call of Duty' Movie Details Revealed


We've known that a Call of Duty film was on the horizon for awhile now, though details about what the movie will entail has been scarce thus far. Many assumed that the adaptation would swing more in the direction of Infinity War, but it looks like that won't be the case after all.

Director Stefano Sollima (Sicario: Day of the Soldado) recently sat down with SlashFilm to talk about his current projects, including that of the Call of Duty film. According to Sollima, this project isn't aiming to be another video game movie, but instead a meaningful story about a soldier, "I think it's more the idea, the concept to tell a story of a soldier," Sollima said. "It's something you haven't seen a lot. There've been a lot of war movies but not soldier movies."

"I feel that a movie must be completely different as an experience from any video games," Sollima continued. "So meaning that in order to make a good movie based on a video game, you have to betray the structure. You must ignore the idea that they did a video game. You need to create something that is completely new and a great movie."

Call of Duty, as a franchise, has gone through some crazy turns throughout the series' progression. From historical experiences, to wild space rides, there is definitely a lot of material he and his team could have drawn from. Earlier on in the franchise as well there have been incredible tales of specific characters, but as far as which soldier the movie will be about - he didn't say. We don't know if it will be an entirely new character or one from game's past (Ghoooost!), but he does seem to be approaching it from a more artistic standpoint, which is nice.

Another thing we are still in the dark about is who will be attached casting wise. Tom Hardy has been rumored to be a frontrunner, as well as popular Chris Pines. Neither have confirmed anything, so for now - it's all speculation.


What do you hope to see from the upcoming Call of Duty movie? Do you want them to stay true to the games, or veer more into new territory? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below!