'Crackdown 3' Launch Trailer Revealed

Crackdown 3’s launch trailer has been revealed with the latest video leading up to the game’s [...]

Crackdown 3's launch trailer has been revealed with the latest video leading up to the game's release and previewing more of the futuristic combat and destruction.

Following teasers from last week which said more Crackdown 3 news would come soon, the launch trailer above was released during the latest episode of Inside Xbox. Crackdown 3 got a fair bit of the spotlight during the start of Inside Xbox where Terry Crews himself was interviewed to learn more about the game and what it feels like to play as his character in Crackdown 3.

The trailer above certainly looks to make good on Crews' claims with vehicles being tossed around, structures destroyed, and giant mechs bunched off rooftops to create what'll hopefully be as loud and chaotic of a game as it claims to be. Crews is just one of several Agents which players can choose to play as in Crackdown 3, but it's not hard to imagine that he'll be one of the favorite picks.

Leading up to the game's launch this month, more Crackdown 3 information and teasers have been shared by Microsoft to shed light on the game which is finally releasing after more than one delay. The "Wrecking Zone" PvP feature is one that's been discussed recently, that feature being the game's multiplayer mode which utilizes cloud technology to keep things looking destructive regardless of what version of the Xbox One players are using. As its name suggests, destroying the environment and other players is a big focus of the PvP mode. The cloud tech took a while to make though, Microsoft explained.

For those who will be sticking to the campaign as opposed to the PvP mode, it was also confirmed not long ago that the story mode will be around 15 hours long. It was technically referred to as being a "15-hour-plus campaign," so people may end up spending more time in it if they intend to fully explore the world of Crackdown 3.

Crackdown 3 is scheduled to release for the Xbox One and Windows PC platforms on February 15th.