Report: Microsoft Refuses To Delay Crackdown 3 Again

Crackdown 3 is Microsoft's version of The Last Guardian. Okay, maybe it's not that bad. But the [...]

(Photo: Microsoft)

Crackdown 3 is Microsoft's version of The Last Guardian. Okay, maybe it's not that bad. But the game has earned a bit of a reputation for its multiple delays, a reputation that pokes fun at the idea it may never ever release. Obviously it will, it just might be 2028 by the time it does.

Microsoft apparently doesn't find the situation a joking matter though, and rightfully so, who knows how much money it has lost on the back of the game's inability to release.

First teased back in 2013 before being officially announced at Microsoft's E3 2014 media showcase, it has been delayed multiple times, something that Microsoft hasn't been very pleased about. Again, rightfully so.

It has gotten so bad that at different points many on Internet forums and comment sections have wondered if the game has been cancelled, or on its way to being cancelled. Meanwhile, there's been a quite a bit of press chatter about the game's obvious developmental issues. But in the face of all of this, Crackdown 3 is slated to release next February. And apparently, Microsoft won't delay it again.

According to a new report from Eurogamer, who cites anonymous, inside sources, the most recent delay was the final time Microsoft is willing to delay the open-world, action-shooter.

Now, it's unclear what the implications of that is. Will Microsoft cancel the game and call it quits if it isn't ready come February? Or will it just release it as is, even if it needs more time? The latter seems more likely the case, as the former would be a huge lost in investment for Microsoft, who isn't afraid to cancel a game, but not this late into its development cycle.

Whatever the case, Xbox One fans can look forward to not being blindsided by another Crackdown 3 delay. It won't happen again. Now, whether Crackdown 3 will live up to its expectations: that's another story. This many delays usually isn't a good sign about a game's quality.

One day, Crackdown 3's development will make for a good story. But for now, it has mostly been the cause of anguish for Microsoft and its fans.

Crackdown 3 is in development for Xbox One and PC.