Crackdown 3 is "Pretty Much Done" Says Developer

(Photo: Microsoft)

Crackdown 3 was first teased all the way back in 2013, before being officially announced at Microsoft's E3 2014 media showcase. Since then, Microsoft and its developers have gone quiet on the game, and have only ever surfaced for the occasional trailer or the more common delay.

However, apparently Microsoft refuses to delay the game again following its most recent one earlier this year. And luckily for developer Sumo Digitial, it won't have to test Microsoft's word, because apparently the game is "pretty much done."

Speaking to GamesIndustry, Sumo Digital's Managing Director Paul Porter, noted that ever since the UK studio took on development of the game, it has been consistently hard at work on it, which is why it's been so silent. According to the managing director, the silence is a result of the game being "given the time it needs" to "meet the expectations" of the franchise.

Speaking of player expectation, Porter notes that he and his team are well-aware that people were disappointed by Crackdown 2, and thus, Crackdown 3 has taken a different route. And thanks to the most recent delay, it is getting a ton of time for polish unlike its predecessor.

"…As you know the release date's moved back, confirmed as February next year, and that's great news because it gives us the time to polish a game that's pretty much done, but make it better and better," said Porter. "The way to make the best games is you finish them, then finish them again, and then finish them again. That's what we're doing with Crackdown 3."

Why the game was delayed to next year rather than to this fall if it's "pretty much done," isn't clear. But I guess that's the polish time the team needed.

Crackdown 3 is in development for Xbox One and PC, and is scheduled to release sometime in February 2019 (knock on wood). For more information, media, and news on the game, click here.


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