Critical Role Launches New Record Label, First Album Out Now

Critical Role has launched an unexpected offshoot of their growing media empire – a record label. Today, Critical Role announced that they have launched Scanlan Shorthalt Music, a new record label that will publish music inspired by the Critical Role campaigns and the fantasy world of Exandria. The label's first album is titled Welcome to Tal'Dorei and features 17 tracks inspired by the first Critical Role campaign. Critical Role worked with Colm McGuinness, Omar Fadel, and the team at Hexany Audio to produce Welcome to Tal'Dorei. McGuinness previously composed the music used by Critical Role during its episode breaks, while Fadel and Hexany Audio has worked with Critical Role on several other pieces of original music recently featured on Exandria Unlimited.

Scanlan Shortholt Music is the latest offshoot of Critical Role, which started off as a Dungeons & Dragons streaming show but has expanded to include an animated series and several other merchandise ventures. Critical Role also has a game studio, called Darrington Press, that releases Critical Role-themed tabletop games as well as new games not based on Critical Role characters. It also works with Penguin Random House and Dark Horse to publish a series of comics and novels. 

The full tracklist can be found below: 

  • "Welcome to Tal'Dorei" Colm McGuinness
  • "The Adventure Begins…" Colm McGuinness
  • "Tea with the Pansophical" Sterling Maffe (Hexany Audio)
  • "1000 Steps" Matthew Carl Earl (Hexany Audio)
  • "Entering Zephrah" Robert Wolf (Hexany Audio)
  • "The Caverns of Crystalfen" Robert Wolf (Hexany Audio)
  • "Deathwalker's Ward" Sterling Maffe (Hexany Audio)
  • "The Grey Hunt" Omar Fadel
  • "The Cinder King" Omar Fadel
  • "Illusory Bonds" Sterling Maffe (Hexany Audio)
  • "The Nymph's Heart" Matthew Carl Earl (Hexany Audio)
  • "Umbra Hills" Robert Wolf (Hexany Audio)
  • "The Slayer's Take" Omar Fadel
  • "The Pools of Wittebak" Omar Fadel
  • "Fields of Joy" Omar Fadel
  • "The Whispered One" Steven Grove (Hexany Audio)
  • "The Champion's Goodbye" Matthew Carl Earl (Hexany Audio)

Welcome to Tal'Dorei is available now to purchase or stream on most major services.