'Critical Role' Debuts Cover Art for July's 'Vox Machina: Origins' Issue

Critical Role has just debuted a new cover for their eagerly anticipated comic book series. Earlier today on Twitter, the popular Dungeons & Dragons web series revealed their first look at the cover for Vox Machina: Origins II #2, which will be released in August. The cover, by Will Kirkby, shows the Goliath barbarian Grog (played by Travis Willingham in the show) broken and battered, as two hands reach down to touch him. One hand appears to belong to Pike, the beloved cleric played by Ashley Johnson, while the other is an unknown, undead looking creature. We know that this arc will deal with Grog getting sucked into a mage's plan to become a lich, so it seems likely that the evil hand belongs to him. You can check out the cover below:

Vox Machina: Origins is a Dark Horse mini-series that covers the adventures of Vox Machina prior to the debut of the Critical Role series. While Critical Role debuted in 2015, the D&D game at the heart of the show pre-dates Critical Role by several years. Vox Machina: Origins covers some of Vox Machina's earliest stories, covering how the group came together before they became one of the most famous adventuring parties in all of D&D.


The first volume of Vox Machina: Origins was a huge digital hit for Dark Horse, and this new mini-series will be released both digitally and as a print comic series. The first issue will be released on July 10th.