Cuphead Has Appeared On Mobile, But It’s Not What You Think

Cuphead iOS 2

Cuphead from Studio MDHR is considered one of the year’s best games – by us, anyway – and it excites us to get back in and take on every boss battle, even if each one might just be our last.

So, imagine our surprise when we heard that the game was released for Apple devices today, with an iOS listing that looked all too official, as you can see from the image below. The game was listed for $4.99, and many fans were thrilled with the idea of being able to take the game on the go.

Cuphead iOS 2

(Source: GameZone)

However, there’s a problem – it’s not an official game.

TouchArcade reported on the game earlier today, noting that the listing looked pretty official and even linked back to a page citing the developer’s name, “” But it’s totally a scam, as the company’s official page is actually “”, and the game is a cheaply made copycat, with poor backgrounds and animations, and poorly built menus.

Studio MDHR even took to Twitter to confirm that this was nothing short of a genuine scam – and the developers, like many users, were shocked that Apple let it slip by unnoticed. “There is a Cuphead imposter app on the iOS Store – this is a scam,” the company noted. “We are working on removing the fraudulent app ASAP!”

Apple has officially pulled the app since then, but no one’s sure how it was able to go up in the first place. The company hasn’t noted any sort of refunds for the app yet, but you’d think they would have something in place since it was an unofficial app.


The idea of Cuphead on the mobile front would be a dream, but the game would have to go through a lot of compression in order to make it work, since the Xbox One and PC versions currently require about 4GB of data for the download. Studio MDHR hasn’t officially announced anything, so don’t get your hopes up.

Meanwhile, you can enjoy the official versions of Cuphead on Xbox One and PC, and we highly recommend checking it out, especially if you’re up for a challenge!