Cuphead Celebrates Three Million Copies Sold

Studio MDHR’s Cuphead was a long time coming, spending years in development before finally [...]


Studio MDHR's Cuphead was a long time coming, spending years in development before finally releasing last year for Xbox One and PC. But the wait was worth it, as the game delivers a splendid shoot-em-up experience that just can't be matched. And it seems that audiences agree.

The developers recently posted a new blog entry announcing that the hit indie game has managed to clear three million copies sold, making it even more of a tremendous success. "Hello friends! We're barely past the halfway mark of 2018, and are humbled to announce that Cuphead has already reached over 3 million copies sold! It's hard for us to express just how appreciative we are to everyone who has played and enjoyed our niche little run & gun game with the wacky rubber-hose characters," the team noted in its post. For good measure, here's a picture of the Devil reacting to the news (and probably realizing that Cuphead's more successful than he is).

Cuphead 2

As part of the celebration, both the Steam version and Xbox One version of Cuphead are currently on sale, going for $15.99 apiece. They're only at that price for the next couple of days, so if you don't have it yet you might want to jump quickly!

Studio MDHR also noted a few other things in the post, such as how it'll be hosting a giveaway for special Cuphead items on its social channels, as well as how it's moving forward in 2018, such as with the announcement of its forthcoming Mugman and Legendary Chalice DLC for the game, which you can see the trailer for below. It doesn't have a release date yet but we should know more soon.

On top of that, Studio MDHR also made note of TheMexicanRunner's incredible speedrun of the game, in which he beat it in under an hour's time. And that's not on "simple" difficulty either, mind you. You can see that impressive run below.

Congrats to the team for setting a huge new sales mark -- and here's hoping it continues to, ahem, runneth over!

Cuphead is available now for Xbox One and PC/Steam.