Cyberpunk 2077 Leak Spoils First Expansion

Work on Cyberpunk 2077's expansions and other DLC is still underway despite the game's rocky launch, but it looks like players have already unearthed plenty of info about the game's first big expansion ahead of its release. Datamined details pertaining to this expansion were apparently included in a previous update for the game wherein the subtitles for a significant portion – if not all – of the expansion were added to the game.

As such, spoilers are most definitely out and about now that the info has begun circulating online. Files containing "every line and dialogue" from the first expansion have been shared places like Reddit for people to look through.

Those random files online are naturally sketchy and should be avoided in most cases, but thankfully for those who want to know what's what but don't want to risk their security, others have taken the plunge and have indicated that the files do appear to be safe and that they do include dialogue said to be from the game's first expansion. Those same individuals who looked into the files have offered summarized versions of the content for others who don't want to look through everything.

Spoiler Warning: Potential spoilers for the first Cyberpunk 2077 expansion are found below.

"Ultimately it seems like this DLC will add an additional outcome to the Arasaka ending," one Reddit user said to summarize the contents. "It also adds new characters and content to the epilogue, depending on which ending you choose. Some notable recurring people are Reed, Meyers, FIA, and Songbird. Overall this DLC looks very interesting and adds more characters and lore to the story."

"Songbird" is supposedly one of the major players in this first expansion based on how frequently they're mentioned in the dialogue. Other characters like Johnny Silverhand were also mentioned, though without the full context pertaining to how and when all of these characters will be used, it's essentially impossible to determine how everything will play out. That summarization above is about as concise as one might be able to offer, but given that the files were apparently scraped from an update that released in February, it's likely that even what players can decipher from the files will end up changing before the expansion is released.