'Cyberpunk 2077' Named "Most Wanted Game" at Golden Joystick Awards

Though we still don't have a release date yet for Cyberpunk 2077, that hasn't slowed down the hype [...]

Though we still don't have a release date yet for Cyberpunk 2077, that hasn't slowed down the hype one bit for the upcoming open-world RPG from CD Projekt RED. In fact, the upcoming title is seeing more excitement than even their award-winning The Witcher franchise! But the journey is just getting started for the studio and today, they are celebrating because Cyberpunk 2077 has just been crowned "Most Wanted Game" at the Golden Joystick Awards!

The studio even had a word to say to the fans excited to take the next step with them, "The entire Cyberpunk 2077 team would like to thank each and every person participating in the Golden Joystick Awards for voting for Cyberpunk 2077, as well as all the support thus far — none of this would be possible without you!"

It's been an incredible year so far! After tons of cryptic messages and teasers, we finally got our full first look at the gritty adventure during E3 2018 and from there, the reveals have yet to slow down. From learning more about the Night City, to even how the customization works, their latest adventure seems to be on track for being the end-all-be-all of RPG experience.

We're honestly very excited and are so thrilled that the studio received this award! We got a chance to get our hands on the game during a private demo at E3 this year (that later went public several months later) and to say we were absolutely enthralled by this crime-ridden adventure would be a massive understatement. You can check out our full impressions in the video at the bottom of the article, but overall, the world of Cyberpunk 2077 seems to be a wild one and the adventures players will go through look to be incredible.

Unfortunately, however, we still don't have a release date. That being said, you can catch up on all of our thoughts about the upcoming RPG, as well as stay in the know with the latest news with our Community Hub right here.

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