Cyberpunk 2077 Players Should Avoid This Dialogue Mistake

Cyberpunk 2077 has plenty of branching dialogue paths for players to take when talking to NPCs depending on what they think is best in the situation or what they think their version of V would say in any given conversation. Some of those conversation options are locked behind required stats or discoveries made prior to the conversation, but many of the dialogue options are available without any additional effort. Regardless of how you choose to conduct yourself when talking to NPCs, there’s one mistake we encountered in our playthrough that you definitely shouldn’t make.

Spoiler warning: Slight spoilers for just one side quest – not anything pertaining to the main quest – are included below.

That mistake in question is ignoring some of the dialogue options that don’t seem like they’d be as important, or rather the ones that look like they’ll just provide players with supplemental, unneeded information. Those options are highlighted with blue text in dialogues while the options that you can know for sure will advance the conversation are highlighted in yellow.

Because of that distinction between the two types of responses, it’s easy to imagine that you can skip over the blue voice lines. Some may scoff at the idea of skipping any bit of potentially helpful information, but during lengthy conversations or when you’re nearing the end of the quest, it’s easy to want to wrap things up and skip over the blue dialogue options. You can do so safely in many cases, but we wouldn’t advise it.

We can look to one quest in particular, “Happy Together,” as an example for how skipping dialogues can adversely affect you. In this quest that’s available early on in Cyberpunk 2077, you’ll help out some NCPD officers while they check in on a member of their unit, Barry, who lives in your apartment building.


When talking to Barry, you can use the blue dialogue options to learn more about his troubles and his relationship with his friend Andrew. If you don’t explore those options thoroughly enough, you can actually end up failing this quest. It’s one of the first quests given to players that can actually be failed, so it’s best that lesson’s learned near the beginning of the game so it’s not repeated later. Fortunately, you can reload saves if you mess things up so that you can try the quest again and this time see what a difference it makes to look to exhaust all options during conversations.

Keeping that in mind should help you with getting the most out of quests, and if you’re looking for implants you should get quickly, we’ve got two in mind that you should look to get as soon as possible.