‘Dauntless’ Confirmed For Consoles, Coming In 2019

For the past few months, Monster Hunter-style fans have been enjoying Phoenix Labs’ Dauntless on [...]

For the past few months, Monster Hunter-style fans have been enjoying Phoenix Labs' Dauntless on the PC front, cutting monsters down to size collectively with teams, and making some progress on their own. But now it's about time for console owners to get a turn.

During the Game Awards tonight, the developer announced that it will be launching Dauntless for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in April 2019. In addition, it will also be coming to the Epic Games store when it opens. The company also confirmed that Nintendo Switch and mobile devices will also be getting the game later on in the year.

The company noted in its press release, "The upcoming platform launches also bring the game closer to One Dauntless, a vision that provides players with seamless cross-platform play, progression and account management across all platforms, worldwide.

"One Dauntless will provide players with a universal ecosystem centered around their personal Dauntless experience. Players will be able to enjoy cross-platform hunts with their friends whether they are playing on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch or mobile devices. When a player logs into their One Dauntless account, they will retain all of their progression, customization and purchased items across all supported platforms.

"While expanding to new platforms, the Dauntless gameplay experience also continues to grow and evolve. The next major content update, Frostfall, will reshape the Shattered Isles starting December 6. The new update ushers in brand new seasonal content as a deep freeze descends on Ramsgate, and Slayers will also have a chilling challenge on their hands with the introduction of a new Behemoth: Valomyr. Phoenix Labs is also launching the Dauntless Hunt Pass starting December 6, which will provide players with new challenges and big rewards. The Hunt Pass is a new feature offering in-game activities and challenges that players can purchase for $10.00 to earn a collection of exclusive items, emotes, cosmetics and more."

"At Phoenix Labs we define ourselves through a transparent development relationship with our community and strong focus on inclusivity, both at the studio and in our game," said Jesse Houston, co-founder and CEO of Phoenix Labs. "With our upcoming platform launches in April and One Dauntless, we will soon be able to welcome and connect players worldwide like never before. The journey of Dauntless is just beginning in the ever-evolving online world of the Shattered Isles, and we're excited to share many more years of experiences with our players."

So if it's Monster Hunter-ish action you're after, Dauntless will have you covered in spades. Check out the trailer above!