God of War, Twisted Metal Director Reveals Scrapped Iron Man VR Game, and It Sounds Incredible

We have some disappointing news today. David Jaffe, who you know for directing industry-shaking [...]

We have some disappointing news today. David Jaffe, who you know for directing industry-shaking mega-hits like Twisted Metal and God of War, announced last night that he and his team will be closing down their Bartlet Jones (short for The Bartlet Jones Supernatural Detective Agency) office, just a month before we would have marked the one-year anniversary of its debut game Drawn to Death.

If you're a fan of Jaffe's work and you're in the SoCal area, then this is your chance to reach out and grab a piece of gaming history! Alternatively, if you know how you can hook Jaffe up with someone from your favorite gaming charity, the team is also looking into giving those items away. That wasn't the only big announcement from Jaffe, though...

Just days ago, Jaffe also revealed, quietly, that he and his team had been working on an ambitious new Iron Man VR game for PlayStation VR. The game would have put you in Iron Man's suit, and they had planned to include some innovative multiplayer features so that other players could play with you. Check it out:

With a little bit of imagination, it's pretty easy to see how this could have turned into the ultimate immersive Marvel adventure. Playing as Iron Man in VR is the hook, obviously, but the voice recognition and multiplayer features are what seem most exciting to me. Being able to speak and give commands to JARVIS on the fly would add to your sense of empowerment. Having friends nearby, who you can hear speak, and seeing them in the game as Captain America or War Machine... that would have been such an incredible experience, and no doubt Jaffe and his team could have pulled off something special.

We wish Jaffe and his entire team so much luck, and so much fortune as they move on to find new work. We're excited to see where everyone ends up, and what they end up working on. We will, of course, keep you guys updated as we learn more.