Daybreak Game by Pandemic Creator Is About Battling Climate Change

The Crowdfunding campaign for Daybreak, a new game by Pandemic creator Matt Leacock and Matteo Menapace, is underway. CYMK launched the campaign on BackerKit in late September, where it hasCYMK launched the campaign on BackerKit in late September already raised over $300,000. Daybreak is an "unapologetically optimistic" game about battling climate change via decarbonization. Each player will control one of four world powers – the United States, Europe, China, and the Majority World – to try to reach zero emissions before the planet reaches 2°C in warmth or before too many communities are put into crisis. 

Each player starts the game creating immense amounts of carbon emissions, which are generated in unique ways based on which world power they are controlling. During each turn, the players use cards to reduce their emissions, which can stack on top of each other to create more powerful combos. As emissions build, players will have to flip crisis cards that add more complications and force the players to make tough decisions. Like Pandemic, Daybreak is fully cooperative and requires players to work together if they want a chance to win.

One important piece of Daybreak is that it's made using sustainable components. The game components don't contain any plastic, opting instead for wood and eco-friendly molded pulp. Additionally, CYMK will donate $1 per backer to leading environmental and climate justice nonprofit organizations.

As of press time, the Crowdfunding campaign for Daybreak has raised over $300,000. Backers of the campaigns will receive a copy of the game with a $49.99 pledge. The game's release is estimated for May 2023. 


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