Days Gone Developer Working on a New Open-World IP Rather Than Days Gone 2

The developer of Days Gone, Sony Bend, doesn't appear to be working on Days Gone 2, but a brand-new IP that will take some of the systems of Days Gone and its open-world, and transport them to a new world full of new characters. After reports and speculation that Sony Bend was not working on Days Gone 2, PlayStation Studios boss Hermen Hulst has more or less confirmed the news whilst teasing a brand new IP from the studio.

Speaking via the PlayStation Blog -- PlayStation's internal blog -- Hulst noted that half of the 25 games in the works at PlayStation Studios are new IP, which are incredibly important to the PlayStation brand, at least under the leadership with Hulst, Jim Ryan, and the others now steering the ship.

"New IP is incredibly important to us. New IP is the lifeblood of gaming. But, new IP is just one aspect of our strategy," said Hulst. "Ultimately, I want PlayStation Studios to be fiercely daring, to take risks. I want us to continue to embrace the legacy of PlayStation, pushing the boundaries of gaming, keep making games that matter. Games that, probably, wouldn't have been made anywhere else."

Hulst continued, which is when Sony Bend and what it's working on is brought up.

"And you know, Bend Studio is working on a very exciting new IP that they're very, very passionate about. They're building on the deep open-world systems that they developed with Days Gone. So I'm really happy for Bend Studio."

Now, it's worth pointing out, Hulst doesn't outright confirm the team in Oregon is working on an open-world game, but that's the implication. Further, he doesn't say the team isn't working on a sequel to Days Gone in conjunction with this, but that's the implication, especially because the team has historically been a one-team studio.

Unfortunately, there's no word of when we will hear more about this new IP. Based on the aforementioned reporting, it's likely in the early stages of development. If this is true, then it's likely at least a couple of years away from being revealed, and even further away from releasing.


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