Days Gone Campaign Length Revealed


How long will upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive Days Gone be? Well, at least 30 hours. Probably more.

Word of the game's length comes way of Creative Director for Sony Bend, John Garvin (via GameInformer), who revealed that the zombie open-world, action-adventure game will require more than just a weekend to finish.

“The golden path is going to take you about 30 hours, but it’s going to take you a lot longer than that because things are going to happen to you along the way depending on how careful you are and how much you pay attention,” said Garvin.

According to the creative director, the way the game unfolds will be different from player to player, meaning giving a concrete game length is difficult. As for what “golden path,” means, it is likely just referring to mainlining the title. Or in other words, if you're the type to squeeze every drop of content out of the game and explore its every little crevasse, you will be clocking in much more than 30 hours.

Garvin stressed the game's emergent experiences, which provide a unique experience for every player, but can also cause all types of deviations from the main path.

Days Gone was first revealed back at PSX in 2016. A PS4 exclusive in development by SIE Bend Studio (Sony Bend), it is notably the team's first IP created since Syphon Filter, and will be its first release since 2010. Scheduled for a general 2019 release, Days Gone will be the first title Sony Bend will have shipped in over nine years, aka a lot is likely riding on it and its success.

Amongst Sony Interactive Entertainment's upcoming first-party PS4 exclusive line-up – which includes the likes of Death Stranding, The Last of Us Part II, and Spider-Man – there's a bit more doubtful chatter around Days Gone, which is a result of its drawn out development and the fact that it's a zombie game, a fad that has come and gone (something, its developer is well aware of).


Days Gone is poised to to release sometime in 2019. It's possible we finally will get a release date this E3 in June.

In case you missed it, the game's first hour was recently released. Check it out here.