Dead by Daylight Is Having a Bonus Bloodpoints Event

Behaviour Interactive is giving Dead by Daylight players the opportunity to earn more Bloodpoints than usual this week during a special Bloodrush event. This event is scheduled to start on January 15th, and instead of running just for the weekend, it’ll continue until January 22nd. The tradeoff with that longer event period is that this Bloodrush event is giving out 1.5 times the Bloodpoints, not double the Bloodpoints as pas events have.

The Dead by Daylight developer announced the plans for the Bloodrush event this week and said it would start on January 15th at 11 a.m. EST. From that time, players will have a week to earn as many Bloodpoints as possible before Bloodrush ends.

On top of that offer, Behaviour Interactive said it’s giving away 1 million Bloodpoints to 10 different players. The tweet’s already been shared over 10,000 times, so chances of winning are slim, but some lucky players will get a ton of Bloodpoints.

In response to another Twitter user who said the 1.5 percent increase in Bloodpoints was a downgrade from the double Bloodpoints players are accustomed to, Behaviour Interactive said the double-point events aren’t going away and that this one is different.

“Bloodhunts (2x) aren't going away, we just save those for weekends,” Behaviour Interactive said. “This one is a whole week long.”

For larger events in the future, Dead by Daylight players can expect things to be a bit lighter outside of the Anniversary and Halloween Events. Behaviour Interactive said back when its last holiday event was underway that it was changing its approach to events and would be putting the focus more on those two.


“Beyond these two, others will be treated more as ‘Celebrations,’” Behaviour Interactive said previously. “We will still be celebrating Winter, Lunar New Year, etc. but are taking new approaches to them to better define and focus our efforts on those larger ones. This means that you won’t see special event gameplay mechanics or earnable cosmetics for these Celebrations, but will continue to see activations such as login rewards, Bloodweb items, and themed assets.”

Dead by Daylight’s limited-time Bloodrush event will go live on January 15th.