Dead by Daylight Holiday Event Gives Players Free Daily Rewards Next Month

Dead by Daylight’s next holiday event is quickly approaching which means that players have a lot of free stuff coming their way. For December’s event, this stuff will come in the form of daily login rewards that start on December 1st and continue into the first week of January. Additional rewards will be given away via special codes, but even if you don’t manage to get those, you’ll still get some easy loot just for hopping into the game once a day for the next month.

Behaviour Interactive shared the first details on its next holiday event this week in a post on the game’s site that outlined how this event will work. It’ll function a bit differently compared to what players have seen in past years, but the community can still expect a bunch of rewards.

Perfectly in line with the festive season, this Dead by Daylight event will be an advent calendar of sorts. This calendar will run from December 1st – the same day the new Chapter releases – to January 3rd with different rewards offered each day. Behaviour Interactive said it will “we will provide players with currency” each day throughout the weeks but didn’t specify which ones of Dead by Daylight’s currencies that’d encompass and how much of the currencies players will get. For that info, the developer said to check back every Monday to see what the weekly rewards would be.

On top of those login rewards, Dead by Daylight players can get even more free stuff by redeeming codes to get cosmetics. The codes will be distributed on Mondays as well via the in-game news menu at 11 a.m. ET. Times during which the codes can be redeemed are limited though, so players will have to act on them quickly to avoid missing out.

As mentioned previously, this event is a bit different from what players are used to. Behaviour Interactive has opted to focus more on the game’s anniversary and Halloween events instead of adding limited-time gameplay mechanics and other features during every event.


“Beyond these two, others will be treated more as ‘Celebrations,’” Behaviour Interactive said of this current event and future events other than the pair mentioned above. “We will still be celebrating Winter, Lunar New Year, etc. but are taking new approaches to them to better define and focus our efforts on those larger ones. This means that you won’t see special event gameplay mechanics or earnable cosmetics for these Celebrations, but will continue to see activations such as login rewards, Bloodweb items, and themed assets.”

Dead by Daylight’s holiday event starts on December 1st and will continue until January 3rd.