Dead by Daylight Confirms Colorblind Mode Release Window Amid Controversial Comments

Dead by Daylight is getting a colorblind mode, Behaviour Interactive has confirmed, though the announcement was not without controversy. Comments from a Dead by Daylight team member shared while streaming the game were viewed as dismissive and insensitive to those who’ve been asking for a colorblind mode. In response to the situation, Behaviour Interactive said the comments did not reflect the team’s views and said that the colorblind mode had been in the works for a while now.

The tweet below from AbleGamers COO Steven Spohn gained traction on Twitter after he asked the Dead by Daylight team to imagine what it must be like for players who have been asking for a colorblind mode and find the game inaccessible without it. The developer referenced in the tweet and the quoted tweet’s video had said that it was getting “really boring” to hear people “blabbing about colorblind mode” all the time. The Dead by Daylight team member continued to say Behaviour Interactive had heard the requests and badgering people about the colorblind mode wouldn’t change anything.

Responding to the tweet, the Dead by Daylight team apologized for “any frustration or harm this may have caused” before saying that a colorblind mode was in the works and would be released shortly. When reached for comment on the colorblind mode and the designer’s comments, Behaviour Interactive reiterated to that these weren’t the circumstances under which it hoped to announce the feature and that it hopes to have colorblind support out alongside the next Chapter.

“For the past few months, we have been hard at work bringing colorblind modes to Dead by Daylight,” Behaviour Interactive told “While these are not the circumstances we would have liked to announce this, we feel the time is right. The plan is two-fold. First, we will be addressing colorblindness concerns with the new HUD by the next mid-chapter update, in just a few weeks. As for colorblind support, we are aiming for the next Chapter release, but we cannot commit to a firm date just yet. We want to make sure we do this right, and will take the time it takes to do so. We’re excited to take these first steps towards making DBD more accessible to our players.”

Behaviour Interactive shared publicly some of the work-in-progress images of the colorblind mode ahead of its release.