Dead by Daylight Delays Two New Features

Dead by Daylight creators Behaviour Interactive announced several new features and changes planned for the game during the recent anniversary broadcast, but not all of them will be coming out on time. Behaviour said this week that two of those features – the planned "Gameflow Improvements" as well as the renovated Wiggle Escape System – will now be releasing in Q1 2023. The developer said these delays were necessary to "ensure that these changes have the time needed to be polished" before they're released.

Neither of the features had specific release dates in mind with the new Wiggle Escape System planned for Fall 2022 and the Gameflow Improvements planned for Winter 2022, but neither of them will be releasing this year now. The update regarding these features was shared on Twitter this week with Behaviour saying the extra time spent working on the games will be needed to "do them justice."

For those who may not have tuned into the anniversary broadcast and are a bit confused as to what these features refer to, the new Wiggle Escape System will be the most recognizable change between the two. Instead of making it so that players have to mash buttons to escape a Killer's grasp, this new system tasks Survivors with completing a skill check which is more in line with the rest of Dead by Daylight's various actions asked of Survivors. It was tested in a beta form previously and was received well, so Behaviour is moving forward with it albeit a little later than initially planned.

As for the vaguer Gameflow Improvements, those deal with the way that players actually get into a game. Instead of queuing up for a match and just waiting around afterwards, Behaviour is making it so that you can navigate the game's various supporting features like the store or the Archives while you wait on your game to get set up.

"Our goal with this change is to free up the player," Justin Banks, the senior product manager on Dead by Daylight said during the anniversary broadcast. "Once you enter matchmaking, you can freely go to the store, the Archives, and shop while you're waiting. When you find a match, you'd get a large warning counting you down, and then you'll be brought into the lobby."

Dead by Daylight's new Gameflow Improvements and the revamped Wiggle Escape System features will now be released early next year.