Dead By Daylight DLC, Killer Doctor Available Now

The survival horror game Dead by Daylight released another DLC called Spark of Madness for the PC multiplayer game, this time adding in a new killer, the Doctor.

Joining the ranks of now seven Killers that make up the game's sinister roster, the Doctor's story begins with the best intentions. The bio listed for the newest playable character says that he first began his career with hopes of helping and understanding others, but wars and secret missions soon deconstructed his idealistic intentions as he eventually sought after power and control instead of looking out for others. The Doctor went missing after conducting horrific experiments on his "patients" during which he hoped to perfect his own method of brain control.

As the name of the DLC suggests, electricity is a key component of the new Killer's kit when it comes to tracking down the Survivors. By utilizing electrical attacks against the Survivors, he can incapacitate them and overload generators to hinder the Survivors' progress. He brings with him three new skills: Monitor & Abuse, Overwhelming Presence, and Overcharge, the last of which supercharges a generator by using the Break Generator option and forces the next Survivor who interacts with it into a difficult skill check.

The location where the Doctor performed these macabre experiments also returns in the DLC. The Léry Memorial Institute comes with the DLC as a new map that puts players on the Doctor's home turf, a deserted environment where signs of the experiments and torture that took place still remain.

A new Survivor also rounds out the DLC and increases the game's list to nine playable Survivors. Feng Min joins the quest for survival, an esports veteran who went down a destructive path similar to the Doctor's where she pushed herself to her limit in her hopes of becoming the best in her field. Bringing with her a background in competitive environments, Min's skills revolve around keeping herself and the Killer far apart while giving her an advantage when it comes to handling machinery.

The Spark of Madness DLC is available on Steam at an original price of $7.99, currently discounted at 10 percent off for $6.29.