Dead by Daylight Is Having a Big DLC Sale

Dead by Daylight players who’ve been on the fence about trying a specific Chapter and its Killers and Survivors now have a chance to do so at a discount thanks to a DLC sale that’s gone live. The sale in question is being run through Fanatical which means that all the keys you’ll be purchasing are only for the PC community, so if you’re playing on that platform, this sale is perfect for you. the game itself is also on sale for those who’ve wanted to try it or those who want to make the jump from consoles to the PC.

Head to Fanatical’s site and you’ll see all the Dead by Daylight content that’s on sale now. The deals only just started not long ago with most of them ending in around six days, so PC owners have plenty of time to revisit the trailers and gameplay from the Dead by Daylight Chapters and see which characters would best fit their playstyles.

Dead by Daylight’s DLC has never really been expensive in the first place with nearly every one of the add-on Chapters costing less than $10 before discounts are applied, but they’re anywhere between 15% to 45% discounted during the sale. The game itself is 62% off and costs around as much as a DLC Chapter typically would as well.

The discounted prices for Dead by Daylight and its many DLCs listed on Fanatical can be found below. Just know that some of the Chapters come with a Killer, Survivor, and a map while others only come with part of that usual trio, so be sure to look at what’s included in each Chapter before you buy to make sure you’re getting the most from your purchase.


Fanatical’s Dead by Daylight Sale

  • Dead by Daylight – $7.59
  • Stranger Things – $6.59
  • Binding of Kin – $5.94
  • Silent Hill – $4.54
  • Leatherface – $2.74
  • Halloween – $3.84
  • Spark of Madness– $3.84
  • Chains of Hate – $3.84
  • Cursed Legacy – $3.84
  • Saw – $3.84
  • Ghost Face – $2.74
  • Descend Beyond – $4.54
  • Shattered Bloodline – $3.84
  • Of Flesh and Mud – $3.84
  • Nightmare on Elm Street – $3.84
  • Curtain Call – $3.84
  • Darkness Among Us – $3.84
  • Ash vs. Evil Dead – $2.74
  • Demise of the Faithful – $3.84

The Clown, the Killer featured in the Curtain Call Chapter, is being updated soon, so keep that in mind if you’ve been eyeing that DLC.