Dead by Daylight Reveals New Event Calendar, First Code of the Month

With spooky season now in full swing, Dead by Daylight is here for the start of October with a new event calendar for players to mull over. The events officially begin on October 12th when Dead by Daylight Mobile kicks off The Hallowed Festival along with the release of Hour of The Witch, the new Chapter that'll introduce another Survivor to the game. In addition to those things, the main in-game event, and more, players also got their first DLC code of the month that'll be available from now until the end of October.

The event schedule in question can be seen below to give an overview of everything that's happening in and around Dead by Daylight throughout October. The release of the new Chapter will be the first big in-game experience for the core Dead by Daylight game for the month.

While the new Survivor, Mikaela Reid, has some interesting teammate-buffing perks to look forward to, she'll also be accompanied by a big update that'll address much more than the Survivors alone. It includes sweeping overhauls of different perks, add-ons, and buffs for several Killers, so it's not one to miss out on if you haven't been keeping up with it.

Along with a new Tome, there's also the in-game Halloween event to look forward to. We don't yet know what the plans are for this event, but Behaviour Interactive said it'd have more information to share soon.

"What would Halloween be without a Dead by Daylight in-game event?" the developers said. "Step back into the Fog anytime between Oct. 21st and Nov. 4th to experience all the classic trappings of our annual Halloween event along with a few new tricks and treats, too."

Halloween is naturally an important time for Dead by Daylight, but this will also be the first Halloween event that's taken place since Behaviour shifted its focuses for events. Instead of going all out for every event all the time, Behaviour committed towards the end of 2020 to investing more into the anniversary and Halloween events.

"Going forward, we will be contributing more effort towards our Anniversary & Halloween related events," Behaviour said. "These are our largest events where we love to bring the community together and really celebrate Dead by Daylight as a family."


While the events don't officially start until the middle of October, people don't have to wait that long to get some free stuff. The first code for Dead by Daylight DLC for the month was released on Friday, too. Simply enter "DWIGHTCROW" in-game and you'll get a special charm that looks exactly like what that code name suggests.