New Dead by Daylight Hotfix Adjusts Stranger Things Content

There’s a new hotfix out now for Dead by Daylight that has some changes for the latest Chapter [...]

There's a new hotfix out now for Dead by Daylight that has some changes for the latest Chapter that introduced Stranger Things content to the game. Most of the changes have to do with the Demogorgon Killer who was added as part of the Chapter alongside the Survivors and the new map. A few other changes were included in the update alongside some bugfixes.

The notes for the game's latest hotfix can be found on the Dead by Daylight forums right beneath the main update that added all the Stranger Things content. Those who have already played either as or against the Demogorgon will both want to take note of the changes to the Killer's ability. Pallets will now be destroyed by default thanks to the Demogorgon's Shred ability, and to balance that change, the Red Moss add-on has also been reworked.

One of the Demogorgon's perks, Surge, has also been adjusted as part of the update. The same goes for the Survivor Steve Harrington who's Second Wind perk got a helpful fix to show progress made towards activating the ability.

All of the changes included in the latest hotfix can be found below courtesy of the Dead by Daylight forums. The update appears to be live across all platforms at this time.

Hotfix 3.2.1

  • The Demogorgon's Shred special ability now breaks pallets by default. Because of this change, we have re-worked the Red Moss add-on. Please see the changes below.
  • Reworked The Demogorgon's Red Moss add-on: Previously, with the Red Moss add-on, The Demogorgon could break pallets using Shred - now this is a default effect of Shred. The new Red Moss add-on reads as follows: Tremendously increases the duration of the Undetectable status effect applied to The Demogorgon when emerging from a portal (for a total of 10 seconds). Tremendously decreases power recovery speed of traversing the Upside Down (recovery now takes 24 seconds).
  • The perk Surge now grants the Destruction score event for each affected generator.
  • The perk Second Wind will now display the progress towards activating the perk.
  • Adjusted the matchmaking logic so that Survive With Friends groups are matched using the highest rank of all players in the group (instead of the average). The 3.2.0 patch introduced an issue that caused Survive With Friends group matchmaking to be skewed towards Rank 20, which is also fixed with this change.