Dead by Daylight Mobile Release Date Announced

Dead by Daylight is officially heading to mobile devices on April 16th, Behaviour Interactive [...]

Dead by Daylight is officially heading to mobile devices on April 16th, Behaviour Interactive announced this week. The asymmetrical multiplayer game has been on consoles for some time now and the PC platform for even longer and will finally be going mobile following the mobile port announcement from last year. The horror game will be available for iOS and Android devices as a free-to-play app next month, but those who've played Dead by Daylight before will know that there will be plenty of in-game purchases to make that range from cosmetics to entire characters that'll change the way you play.

The announcement of the game's release date followed a tease from February that the game would be releasing at some point in Spring 2020. Pre-registrations for Dead by Daylight Mobile have been available for some time now with the number of registrations logged determining what kinds of rewards players get, so anyone who's interested in the game should probably go ahead and express that by pre-registering so that the community can hit the highest goal of 1 million pre-registrations. Hitting that will grant players multiple cosmetic options for different characters as well as thousands of Iridescent Shards which are one of the currencies available for spending in Dead by Daylight Mobile.

A beta for Dead by Daylight Mobile has been open to users from certain countries since last year and has been continuously updated with new content since its release. Some features have been introduced to the game that are exclusive to the mobile version which creates a somewhat different experience from the Dead by Daylight we're used to.

Behaviour Interactive said on the mobile game's site that the goal is to create the same experience across platforms, though some things had to be changed to fit the mobile format.

"Although we've had to tweak some UI elements to best suit the user experience on mobile, the core gameplay experience and its mechanics will remain the same," Behaviour Interactive said.

Behaviour Interactive previously shared a tweet through the game's Twitter account that scheduled a broadcast for March 18th at 3 p.m. ET. Though the mobile release date has already been announced, it should be worth tuning into the stream anyway to hear the latest on the mobile game.