Dead by Daylight Is Teasing a New Chapter

Behaviour Interactive shared a new Dead by Daylight teaser that looks to be the first preview of a [...]

Behaviour Interactive shared a new Dead by Daylight teaser that looks to be the first preview of a new Chapter.

The teaser was shared through the game's Instagram account with a brief video posted to start the speculation about what the Chapter might entail. Though no new Killer or Survivor was shown during the clip, the ominous tone of the whole video and the heavy footsteps of someone walking certainly make it look like this teaser is geared towards a new Killer. We see what looks like a Japanese-style setting with a sliding door thrown open at the very end before the video concludes, that door having two different sets of scratch marks, one with three lines and the second with just two.

Behaviour Interactive commented on a Reddit thread about the teaser to say that the Instagram account was indeed the official one, thus confirming that this is indeed a teaser for something. No more details were shared about the teaser though, so Behaviour's not ready to unveil what it is just yet. The teaser does obscure whatever the Killer might be from vision, but perhaps that's also a hint at the Killer's ability seeing how stealth is already in the game as part of the Wraith's kit.

The lack of details hasn't stopped players from speculating about what the new Chapter might bring though with the prevalent idea being that it'll be some sort of Killer inspired by Japanese horror. There have been theories in the past that the new Killer will be a teacher of some sort, so some have suggested that this could be some take on that. In a much more intimidating theory, some players have suggested that this Killer could be inspired by the crawling, groaning entities found in Japanese movies like Ju-On: The Grudge or The Ring. Behaviour Interactive has kept with a humanoid model for the Killers in the past and doesn't appear to be shifting away from that, so deviating from that trend too much is likely out of the question, but there are theories among the playerbase that this new Killer could be something based off of those types of vengeful spirits.

Another idea is that the door itself might be a hint at a new feature. Players recalled previous comments from the developers that hinted at the possibility of adding doors to the game, so there's also a theory that whatever new map is included in the Chapter could be the first to introduce this feature.

More teasers for Dead by Daylight's next chapter are expected to come soon.