Dead by Daylight Update Lowers Bloodweb Costs

If you've been playing Dead by Daylight recently and have felt your earned Bloodpoints aren't going quite as far as they used to when buying things from the Bloodwebs, you might've been onto something. Behaviour Interactive seems to agree with that sentiment and has announced this week that the costs of different nodes within Bloodwebs have been lowered which means that players can now acquire more resources with their Bloodpoints whether they're playing as Survivors or Killers.

These Bloodweb changes follow a few other adjustments that Behaviour made not long ago which affected how many Bloodpoints players were earning from using certain perks. Barbecue and Chili, the go-to Killer perk for earning extra Bloodpoints, lost its Bloodpoint bonuses entirely which meant everyone running it suddenly wasn't earning as many Bloodpoints as before. Similarly, the bonuses for the Survivor equivalent We're Gonna Live Forever were nerfed, so the same was true for Survivors.

Those changes went through already, but nothing in the Bloodwebs players peruse got any cheaper. Behaviour said it wanted to "remedy this as soon as possible" and has since rolled out an update that adjusted the Bloodweb prices according to what's laid out in the chart below:

For those wondering why Behaviour didn't just give players more Bloodpoints from their in-game actions, the developer preemptively shared answers for that question. One explanation was that addressing the issue this way meant Bloodpoints earned through things like Daily Rituals and Archive Challenges had more purchasing power since they'd go further thanks to the reduced costs. Another explanation in the form of some quick math suggested that lowering costs was effectively the same as increasing earned Bloodpoints.

"A 33% reduction in Bloodweb costs is effectively the same as increasing Bloodpoint earnings by 50% across the board," Behaviour explained. "For example, 30,000 Bloodpoints can be exchanged for 15 common nodes when priced at 2,000 Bloodpoints each. At 3,000 Bloodpoints, you would need 45,000 Bloodpoints to get the same number of nodes."

Dead by Daylight's revised Bloodpoint costs are now live with the release of the game's latest update, the one that makes way for another Resident Evil Chapter as DLC.