Dead by Daylight Update Adds the Most Satisfying Feature

Latest Dead by Daylight update adds a feature that gives you feedback when you report a player.

Dead by Daylight may have just added a new fan-favorite Survivor in Nicolas Cage, but the developers at Behaviour Interactive aren't finished giving fans exactly what they want. The latest hotfix includes a much-requested feature that will finally give players feedback when they report other players. This means that you'll now be given a notification when action has been taken based on your report. While the new feature was implanted yesterday alongside the hotfix, it certainly sounds like Behaviour Interactive will be tweaking the feature going forward to ensure it meets its standards, as well as those of the community.

Of course, that's not the only thing in the new hotfix. There are a whole host of bug fixes included in the update. That includes everything from things like Ghostface's camera having weird movements when they were leaning or stalking to a bug that was letting Killer hook Survivors through the floor in the Killer Basement. Behaviour Interactive has also made a few UI tweaks and fixed several different collision issues, among several other needed changes following the Nic Cage patch. Hopefully, this gets everything ironed out as Behaviour looks forward to the upcoming Alien crossover.

Dead by Daylight is out now on PlayStation, mobile, Switch, Xbox, and PC platforms. You can view the full notes for the 7.1.2 hotfix below.


  • Activation of the Improved Player Reporting Feedback feature


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that caused certain killers to not look downward while vaulting from a ledge or window, which led to a drop
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Ghostface camera to move backward when leaning and stalking.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Survivors to get stuck crouching after being hit by the Deathslinger.
  • Fixed an issue that caused The Knight's camera moves up slightly after a successful basic attack.
  • Fixed an issue where shows unknown error message when connection to party is lost via http request errors.
  • Fixed an issue where survivors could be heard above ground when hooked in the Killer Basement.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Dramaturgy" perk's scream animation is played after stepping on a Bear Trap
  • Fixed an issue where the "Dramaturgy" perk's scream animation is played incorrectly as a survivor is downed
  • Activating the "Dramaturgy" perk and being hit by Virtulent Bond together no longer plays the wrong screaming animation
  • Fixed an issue where the VFX and aura on "Hex Pentimento" are not removed upon being cleansed
  • Fixed an issue where "Friendly Competition" sometimes fails to activate
  • Fixed an issue where some female Survivors hit by The Spirit will not make injury or grunts sounds on being hit
  • Fixed an issue where the Singularity can become stuck when teleporting to a survivor that disconnects
  • Fixes for some crashes across several platforms
  • Fixed an issue where survivors couldn't be picked up or healed and could block others when holding the key assigned to activate the perk "Plot Twist".


  • Fixed the input taking too long to register on the add/subtract tier buttons with mouse click.
  • Fixed an issue with the perk tooltips being overlapped by survivor info.
  • Fixed disable visual state for the "Go to Event Tome" button in the Online Lobby.
  • Fixed an issue that prevent player from viewing the profile of someone replaced by a bot.
  • Fixed missing Chinese subtitles for archive trailer.

Level Design

  • Fixed an issue where players could climb on supply crates in the Raccoon City Police Station
  • Fixed an issue where the Nurse would get stuck in Toba Landing
  • Fixed an issue where crows were overlappng in Dead Dawg Saloon
  • Fixed an issue to give more chances for hooks to spawn on the lower floor of the Gideon Meat Plant
  • Fixed an issue where the Trapper's trap would hide in a pile of snow in the Ormond
  • Fixed an issue where a placeholder tile would spawn in McMillan's Estate Maps
  • Fixed an issue where the Hillbilly would not collide with assets in Eyrie of Crows
  • Fixed an issue in Ormond where the Legion could not vault over a side of a pallet when in Feral Frenzy
  • Fixed an issue where the characters would clip through the doors of the lockers in Eyrie of Crows
  • Fixed an issue with the dark mist in Raccoon City Police Station
  • Fixed an issue where a generator in Lery's Hospital could not be repaired or damaged
  • Fixed an issue where an invisible collision would prevent the navigation of the players

Known Issues

  • Reasons for report feedback are in English across all languages. Full translations to come soon.