Dead Or Alive 6 Leaked Screenshots Reveal Hitomi and Lei Fang

Gamescom is happening this week; and more than likely, that means we’re going to see more of [...]

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Gamescom is happening this week; and more than likely, that means we're going to see more of Dead Or Alive 6 from the team at Koei Tecmo. We've been very excited for this sequel, since it's focusing less on the, ahem, "cheesecake factor" and more on the intense fighting that made the series such a mainstay to begin with.

And some new screens have leaked ahead of this week's event, indicating that Koei Tecmo is, in fact, going less for the sexiness and "boob jiggle" factor, as you can see from the debuts of Hitomi and Lei Fang in the series.

Not only do the screens reveal the two long-time femme fatales in action, but we also get a look at a new stage in DOA6 that has a pirating theme, complete with gold on the floor and a gigantic Kraken-like octopus that looks to get involved at some point in the match. During one sequence, it appears to grab onto one of the opponents, ready to slam them onto the ground. This could happen once you reach the border of the stage, based on what we've seen in prior Dead Or Alive games.

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But we gotta say, based on the screenshots that have been revealed, Hitomi and Lei Fang look fantastic. They're dressed up more in traditional fighter garb instead of clothing that reveals their cleavage, making them look like the genuine competitors that they are. Some fans have expressed praise for this, getting more excited for the game as it goes along.

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Koei Tecmo will likely reveal a new trailer this week with the two ladies in action, as well as an idea of what to expect from the added stage. We may also get some hints as to what changes the publisher will make to the gameplay, although more than likely the systems that have worked so well over the years should remain in place for the most part.

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And don't forget Tokyo Game Show next month, where we could see even more females joining the ranks. Hopefully we'll see some returning favorites, as well as some new ladies ready to brawl!

Dead Or Alive 6 will release in 2019 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.