Dead Space Remake Gameplay Will Change Isaac's Dialogue

The upcoming Dead Space remake will make significant adjustments to how Isaac behaves. Isaac was a relatively one-dimensional character in the original game, as he didn't speak and would mostly just grunt and yell. Visceral Games later changed this in the sequels and made him a proper protagonist with an arc and plenty of dialogue, but he largely didn't need to say much in the first game because he's just a vessel for the player to experience some horrors. Remake developer EA Motive has confirmed that it will give Isaac a voice in the Dead Space remake, but it's unclear just how much that will impact the story.

Motive isn't just using this to shape the story, however. During a new live stream about the audio of the Dead Space remake, Motive revealed the new A.L.I.V.E. system which a dynamic feature that encompasses "all components of Isaac's breathing and heart rate, vocal excursions, and dialogue influenced by a variety of driving gameplay features." A.L.I.V.E. is an acronym with different pillars including: Adrenaline, Limbic System Response, Intelligent Dialog, Vitals, and Exertions. Most notably, Isaac will have three variations of dialogue based on if he's healthy, fatigued, or injured. If he's injured, he will ache while delivering his lines. It's just another feature that shows how much effort Motive is putting in to this remake.

Earlier this week it reported that Dead Space remake's new 2023 release window is due to EA wanting to ensure it gets the polish it deserves. If everything goes well, EA reportedly wants to use this remake to revive the franchise and make more entries in the series. It's unclear if that means it would be a new version of Dead Space 2, not necessarily a remake of the original sequel but one that takes the series in a different direction while using the foundation of this new remake, or if it would be more direct remakes. Either way, Motive is clearly taking great care of this storied franchise.

The Dead Space remake will release sometime in early 2023 for Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC.

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