Dead Space Remake Gets First Gameplay Trailer

Electronic Arts and EA Motive revealed this week the first official look at gameplay from the Dead Space remake following a recent tease that said this reveal would be coming very soon. In the trailer, we see Dead Space protagonist Isaac Clarke still instantly recognizable while also looking vastly different from the 2008 version of the protagonist as he tiptoes through the USG Ishimura while dodging or fighting Necromorphs. This trailer comes just a few months ahead of the game's release currently planned for January 27th.

You can check out the first gameplay trailer for the Dead Space remake below courtesy of EA's reveal from this week. Those familiar with the original Dead Space should be pleased to see that the setting looks just as eerie and tense as the one from the original based on what's seen here.

Some of the features shown off in the trailer have been talked about from time to time by the Dead Space remake devs during different blog posts and video showcases talking about the game. The lighting, for example, is something the developers have said they've been able to play around with more "from a pure lighting perspective and also a shadowing perspective" thanks to more modern development processes, technical director David Robillard said recently.

One of the biggest changes in the new remake that's not really showcased in this trailer but is still one to look forward to is the fact that this game will be played as one unbroken shot similar to what we saw from the recent God of War game.

"We're also actually creating the entire game as one sequential shot," said senior producer Philippe Ducharme. "From the moment you start the game to the moment you end the game, there are no camera cuts or load screens—unless you die. The Ishimura is now fully interconnected, so you can walk from Point A to Point Z, visit the entire ship, and revisit locations you've already completed to pick up things you might have missed—that's all new. It's now a completely unbroken experience."

EA's Dead Space remake is scheduled to release on January 27th.