Dead Static Drive Brings a Survival Horror Take on Cthulhu

Nearly 100 years after their original publication, the works of H.P. Lovecraft continue to have a profound impact on popular culture. Whether it's cameos in recent horror films, or major roles in video games, Cthulhu is an ever-present pop culture icon. The upcoming Dead Static Drive will feature Lovecraftian enemies in an antagonistic role in a game developer Fanclub calls "Grand Theft Cthulhu." Coming to Xbox One, Steam, and Game Pass, Dead Static Drive is an isometric title that features players on the run in a graphically gorgeous, post-apocalyptic wasteland. Players must do whatever it takes to survive, including stealing vehicles, scavenging items, making friends and keeping on the move.

At this time, Fanclub hasn't revealed a whole lot else, but the use of Grand Theft Auto to describe the game seems pretty fitting! It will be interesting to see how that type of gameplay will mesh with a survival horror setting, but it looks promising, thus far. According to the game's Steam page, players can kill both humans and monsters, so Dead Static Drive should offer the type of bleak options common in so many post-apocalyptic stories.

Players will have a number of ways to customize their experience beyond making decisions to make friends or enemies, however. The game will offer a number of different wardrobe options, and there will be a handful of different weapons and tools to add to your inventory, as well. It also appears that Dead Static Drive will feature a number of different vehicles to steal, including what looks an awful lot like a Camaro, a van, a police cruiser, and more.


As of this writing, Dead Static Drive has a rather ambiguous 2020 release date. According to the game's official Twitter account, the developer will be at Game Developers Conference, so it's entirely possible that more information could be revealed during the show! The show kicks off on March 16th, so gamers might not have much longer to wait before learning more!

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