Deadpool Campaigns For Role in Midnight Suns Game

Deadpool himself is campaigning to be in Marvel's Midnight Suns. Deadpool is a character that has had a radical explosion of popularity over the last decade. The character has been in comics and some video games for quite a while, but he made a mainstream impression (though not a good one) in X-Men Origins: Wolverine when Ryan Reynolds played him for the first time. It wasn't a positive live action debut, but it did get him on the radar of more people. In the years following, the character would get his own video game courtesy of Activision and then the massively successful Deadpool solo films from Fox. Just a few weeks ago, it was even confirmed that Deadpool 3 will feature Hugh Jackman's Wolverine. Needless to say, he's as big as many of the other tentpole heroes these days, despite his foul mouth and violent edge.

It seems his broad appeal may net him a role in another upcoming Marvel game. Deadpool himself (voiced by Nolan North) is campaigning to be in Midnight Suns on social media with hilarious videos mocking other heroes like Moon Knight. He calls upon the fans to use a hashtag to get the attention of the developers of Midnight Suns so he can be included in the game. Obviously, it's pretty clear he's probably in the game already since he's fully animated, has a voice actor, and other expensive, time consuming things, so it's likely this is all building to a larger reveal. As of right now, it's unclear if he will be included in the core roster for Midnight Suns or be some sort of downloadable character.

Given Deadpool is massive, it's likely 2K could get away with either one. Although it may be a controversial move, Deadpool is a character that many are charmed by and would likely be willing to shell out a few bucks for. Either way, we'll likely get some definitive answers fairly soon.

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