Deadpool Is Officially a Fortnite Player

Deadpool is officially in Fortnite now, though he's not yet usable as a character skin yet. We've seen glimpses of the unorthodox hero in different parts of his small, secret hideout like when he was spotted last week inside the room's bathroom stall, but all we saw was his feet at the time. He was of course in the trailer that revealed this season's battle pass, but we haven't gotten a full look at him hanging out inside of the game until this third week of challenges. What's even better about the character's reveal is that we now know an interesting fact about him: He's a Fortnite player himself.

To find Deadpool, head into the secret room Deadpool's hanging out in after navigating your way to the battle pass menu just as you did when trying to access his previous challenges. Instead of a closed stall door with feet underneath, Deadpool is out and about in his hideout.

He's sitting at the computer players access to get their Deadpool challenges with a controller in his hand. It's hard to see from the wider view of the room, but once you select the computer and the camera zooms in on its screen to show the challenges, you get to see what he's up to. Unsurprisingly, he's playing Fortnite.

Deadpool Playing Fortnite
(Photo: Epic Games)

If Deapool's already in Fortnite, it makes sense that he'd eventually be playing the game in some fashion, but it's still a neat find. Deadpool came out of his hiding place quicker than some people might've expected to get in some Fortnite matches, so this also may have implications for where we'll see him in the following weeks since he apparently moves with every new set of Deadpool challenges.

Whether Deadpool's Fortnite playing in the game is canon or not, it seems like something the character might be into anyway. It's also not the first time that we've seen Fortnite connected to a Marvel property before. Fortnite's had Marvel crossovers in the past with things like the Avengers: Endgame event that brought superhero skins to the game. Fortnite also made an appearance in the movie itself when Korg played the game while hanging out with Thor. Korg was frustrated with a character named "Noobmaster69," so maybe that player was Deadpool all along.


Deadpool's skin will be available eventually for Fortnite players, so be sure to keep completing each week's challenges to make sure you're able to get it when it's released.