Keanu Reeves Visits Kojima Productions, Asks Hideo Kojima to "Save Us"

Actor and now video game celebrity Keanu Reeves is the latest notable figure to join the list of people who have dropped into Hideo Kojima’s studio to pay the game creator a visit. Kojima posted some images to his personal Twitter account this week just as he’s done when others came by to show the pair standing in front of Ludens, the armored mascot for Kojima Productions. Reeves left the team a message before leaving saying “Save Us, Hideo!”

The images showing the actor and game developer at Kojima Productions were shared early Saturday morning by Kojima. The two posed in front of Ludens, the same spot where other celebrities have stood as they visited Kojima Productions.

Shortly after those images were put on Twitter, Kojima followed them up with another post that showed Reeves writing the message above on the studio’s kitchen board.

Reeves’ visit to the studio begs the same question that’s been asked each time another celebrity dropped in: Will he be in Death Stranding? A visit would normally be just a visit for any other game, but considering how many actors there are in Death Stranding already, it seems like anybody could make their way into the game. We know that Reeves was at least suggested at some point as a contender for the role of the game’s antagonist, a job which went to Mads Mikkelsen, so perhaps he’ll at least have some cameo or role in the game that the public hasn’t seen yet.


Whether Reeves ends up being in Death Stranding or this turns out to just be a friendly visit, players who want an easy-going ride through the game to see all of these actors taking on roles in Kojima’s world will be able to experience that through a special difficulty mode. Kojima recently revealed that the game would have a “Very Easy Mode” which he said is geared towards those who are movie fans or aren’t as familiar with playing games and just want to experience the story. Specifics on how this mode will be different have not yet been revealed.

Kojima and Death Stranding will make appearances during Tokyo Game Show this month, so expect to see more about the game then.