'Death Stranding' "Is Unlike Anything I Have Seen Anyone Else Do"

(Photo: SIE)

It seems like everyone who Hideo Kojima shows his upcoming game Death Stranding to isn't just blown away, but has a semi-religious experience. The director of The Division 2 says the game will be timeless and mind-blowing. The creator of Quantum Break claims the game will "push boundaries." Guerrilla Games was left speechless. I mean, everyone who sees the game gushes about it. Continuing that trend, Iain Cook of the band CHVRCHES, recently saw the game, and like everyone, was in awe.

According to Cook, he recently stopped by Kojima Productions in Tokyo, where Kojima himself showed off the game to him, which he says is "unlike anything I have seen anyone else do."

“I was in Tokyo with the band and we went to his studio and he showed us around as well as showing us some work in progress on his new game Death Stranding,” said Cook while speaking to Consolevania. “He came to the show and we went for some sushi afterwards. I thought I was going to be star-struck but he’s very cool and easy to talk to (once you get used to talking through an interpreter that is!) His office is so cool, it’s all classic horror memorabilia and Godzilla shit.”

Cook continued:

“I could have spent all day in there. He’s such an inspiration though, so brave and thinks like no one else. Some of the shit he is doing with the new game is unlike anything I have seen anyone else do. I have no idea how he’s going to make it work but I am confident that if anyone can do it, Kojima can.”

Again, we have another example of someone talking up Death Stranding like it's going to be revolutionary, but unfortunately, Sony Interactive Entertainment has been extremely quiet on the game lately, which makes hearing all of this gushing very difficult. We just want to see what all the hooplah is about already.

Death Stranding is in development exclusively for the PlayStation 4. There's no word when the game will release. For more news, media, and information on the title, click here.



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