Death Stranding Adds Long-Awaited Gameplay Feature Today

Today, Death Stranding on PS4 added a feature it's sorely been missing since it launched last November. More specifically, today Kojima Productions added a photo mode to the game, allowing players to better capture the stunning world of the PS4 game and the weird things they can get up to into it with Sam Bridges, aka Norman Reedus.

According to the official patch notes for the update, the photo mode is accessed by pressing the left side of the touch pad button. Here, camera angles, coloring, and poses can be adjusted as you see fit. That said, while the camera movement is free, certain areas do not allow the feature to be used.

On top of photo mode, the new update brings various performance improvements, however, these aren't outlined, suggesting they aren't that salient.

Version 1.12

  • Various performance improvements.
  • Addition of Photo Mode.
    • Press the left side of the touch pad button to launch Photo Mode. Camera angles, coloring, and poses can be adjusted as you see fit. Press the Share button to save your photos. Because free camera movement has been prioritized, it is possible that the camera will collide with other objects. Note that there are certain areas in which Photo Mode cannot be used.
    • Choose whether or not to temporarily save changes to Photo Mode settings when closing Photo Mode by selecting "Options" → "Game Settings" → Temporarily Save Settings."
    • In light of the above, you will now need to press the right side of the touch pad button to call out.

Death Stranding is available on the PS4, and for now, only the PS4. However, it's coming to PC on June 2. For more news, media, rumors, and leaks on the latest Hideo Kojima game, be sure to peep all of our past and recent coverage of the 2019 game by clicking right here on this link.

"The nucleus of Death Stranding is its slow burning story that brews classic sci-fi with old weird fiction on top of foundational ideas and perspectives redolent of writers and visionaries like Kobo Abe and Franz Kafka," reads a snippet from our review of the game. "Similar to Metal Gear Solid, the story of Death Stranding is a complicated multi-layered narrative that will make you feel lost, but never loses you, and pays back your patience with mind-shattering revelations and remarkable interweaving of personal, intimate moments with an exploration of life's biggest questions. And the vehicle to all of this is Kojima's signature style of storytelling, which evokes his past work, but also evolves it.