New Deathloop Trailer Breaks Down How the Game's Time Loop Works

In a new trailer for the upcoming PS5 and PC video game Deathloop, Arkane Lyon game director Dinga Bakaba explains exactly what players can expect and how to navigate the game's major mechanic: the time loop. Specifically, Bakaba gets into what players can expect to move forward with when the loop resets, the various states that the setting of Blackreef can have, all of the targets, weapons, and even the rival assassin, Julianna.

Notably, while the loop resetting appears to cause amnesia, players bring forward weapons and abilities through loops as well as generally just learning more from the player's perspective about where the eight targets, called Visionaries, are at any point in the single day that Deathloop plays out over. There are multiple districts and times of day, however, so things get complex quickly. And Julianna, the rival assassin, will be hunting the player and only the player throughout the course of it. To solve the murder puzzle of Deathloop, players will need to take out all eight Visionaries before getting taken out.

Here is how Bethesda officially describes the upcoming video game:

"As Colt, players are trapped in a time loop on the enigmatic island of Blackreef, doomed to repeat the same day for eternity. The only chance for escape is to break the loop by assassinating eight key targets before the day resets. However, lurking in the shadows is rival assassin Julianna, equipped with her own equally powerful abilities and weapons, on a mission to protect the loop by assassinating Colt, and restarting the cycle."


Deathloop is currently scheduled to launch for the PlayStation 5 and PC on May 21st. Considering that Xbox purchased Bethesda, the parent company of developer Arkane Studios, it seems like it will inevitably release for the Xbox Series X|S at some point as well. You can check out all of our previous coverage of Deathloop right here.

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