Deltarune Chapter 3 Development Update Given by Toby Fox

Toby Fox, the lead designer and writer behind Undertale and its new spin-off, Deltarune, has given eager fans a new update about the latter title's third chapter. Originally released in 2018, the first chapter of Deltarune ended up arriving without warning and surprised fans around the globe. Unlike Undertale, though, Deltarune was a story that Fox made clear would be told across multiple installments, or chapters, as they're properly called. And while Chapter 2 of Deltarune was finally released in the latter half of 2021, Fox has now given a brief update on how Chapter 3 is coming along. 

In a new message posted to Twitter, Fox indicated that work on Deltarune Chapter 3 is panning out quite well at this point in time. Specifics on when Chapter 3 could release weren't given, but Fox made clear that he's hopeful about how it's turning out. "By the way, the game development is going well," Fox said. "I'm getting more and more people to help recently, I have good feelings about it."

Likely the biggest question surrounding Deltrarune Chapter 3 simply comes with when it will launch. As mentioned, the first chapter released in late 2018 but it then took roughly three years for Chapter 2 to arrive. With this in mind, a number of fans have been hoping that the gap between chapters 2 and 3 wouldn't be as vast this time around. Given that Fox has brought more people on to help out with the game, though, it sounds like development could now be speeding up. 

In total, Deltarune will seemingly consist of seven chapters once it is fully complete. When all of these chapters release, fans will be able to purchase them as part of a single bundle to experience the full story. Until then, though, the first two chapters are available to play right now on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC platforms. 

When do you believe that Deltarune Chapter 3 will actually arrive? Let me know your own best guess either down in the comments or you can reach out to me on Twitter at @MooreMan12.