Deltarune Creator Shares Promising Update on Next Chapters and More

Those eagerly waiting on new Deltarune chapters got an update on the game this week from creator Toby Fox who offered the latest on the development process while also revealing a couple of new assets for players to mull over. The previous statement that no new chapters of Deltarune would be released this year still holds true, but the creator says things are now going "smoother and smoother" after some recent developments.

For those who might need a refresher, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 are out now and can be played as a sort of beta for the full Deltarune experience. Chapters 3, 4, and 5 are in the works, and Fox says they're all being worked on at the same time.

"As stated last time, we've been simultaneously working on Chapters 3, 4 and 5 of DELTARUNE," Fox said. "A few more people are helping out, and the pace of the game creation is definitely improved from last time. The intention was to work on all three chapters simultaneously, but so far we've mostly just gotten work done on Chapter 3 and 4."

Parts of that were already known, but after elaborating on the process of developing the next three chapters, Fox said some things that had to get in order for Chapter 3 are now taken care of which should lead to a smoother process for future work.

"Between 3, 4, and 5, we've already exceeded a chapter's worth of bullets, cutscenes, and gimmicks," Fox said. "Not only that, but the next chapters had certain aspects that took a while to set up, and now that those things are in place, the development of the game is only going to get smoother and smoother!"


A couple of assets from the game including images, gifs, and some music were also shown off to offer a clearer look into the development process. The image above was one example of that with more shown on the creator's site.

For those eager to see more of Deltarune, you'll have to wait for future updates from Fox to learn more about it. Until then, you can always pick up the creator's previous game, Undertale, for a pretty low price right now.