Destiny 2 Reveals New Info on Crossplay Implementation

For years at this point, arguably the most-requested feature that many Destiny 2 players have been begging Bungie to add to the popular first-person shooter has been that of crossplay. This component would finally allow all Destiny 2 users to play with friends around the globe, regardless of where they might play it. Fortunately, crossplay is finally set to be added to the game within the coming month, and ahead of that time, Bungie has now provided new details on how it will roll out.

In the latest "This Week At Bungie" blog that was posted this week, the developers behind Destiny 2 greatly explained how crossplay will be coming to the game in the next few weeks. If you weren't already aware, crossplay is set to arrive alongside the beginning of Season 15, which should begin later next month on August 24.

Prior to this addition, though, Bungie explained that it has had to make a few major changes under the hood for Destiny 2. One of those adjustments involves the name of the character you'll be using. In addition to crossplay, Destiny 2 will also be adding cross saves, meaning that you can transfer your in-game characters freely to any platform. Rather than having your username potentially be different depending on the platform you're playing on, Bungie is converting player names to something called a "Bungie Name." This means that you'll have to lock yourself into a single name that will then be able to transfer across all platforms. Bungie has also said that this process might not be smooth for everyone at first, but a name change feature should arrive down the road if you're unhappy with how your own Bungie Name turns out.

The other biggest change that will now be added to Destiny 2 comes with the addition of Bungie Friends. This new friends list will allow you to see all of your friends that might be online regardless of platform. The process of adding friends to this list will also be available on Bungie's website if you'd like to do everything via the web.


As a whole, Bungie seems to have put a lot of work into making crossplay a smooth, enjoyable experience in Destiny 2. Time will tell if this feature has a great launch next month, but at the very least, those on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC, and Stadia won't be separated from one another for much longer.